NYPD Argus cameras installed at 45th Precinct-selected sites

NYPD Argus cameras installed at 45th Precinct-selected sites|NYPD Argus cameras installed at 45th Precinct-selected sites
Councilman Mark Gjonaj (c) joins City Island safety advocate Bill Stanton (l) and 45th Precicnt Coummity Council president Bob Bieder (r)
Aracelis Batista

The east Bronx is welcoming an upgrade in NYPD security and surveillance. Ten new ‘argus’ surveillance cameras are being installed around the 45th Precinct as of Wednesday, August 28.

Councilman Mark Gjonaj made the announcement adjacent to the City Island Bridge on City Island Avenue, one of the locations that received the monitored camera upgrade.

“What we’re trying to do here is prevent crime more than trying to stop it,” he said following the unveiling.

The other nine locations scattered around the 45th Precinct are: Dewey Avenue and the Cross Bronx Expressway exit, East Tremont and Waterbury avenues, Wilkinson Avenue and Bruckner Boulevard along the north side of Wilkinson Avenue, Crosby and Westchester Avenues, East Tremont Avenue and Unionport Road, Zerega and Westchester avenues, Brush Avenue near The Home Depot Entrance, and Tratman and St. Peters avenues.

Each of these spots were determined to need the surveillance by the 45th according to Gjonaj.

The intersection of Tratman and St. Peters is home to the Pearly Gates Park, which has been receiving security upgrades for some years now because of nefarious behavior.

The NYC Parks Department installed improved LED lighting there in 2018 to discourage criminal activity as well.

“Of course nothing beats having police on the ground but I truly do believe these cameras are one of the next best things,” Gonaj said, mentioning the $1 million in funding that he allocated for the cameras.

“The message is clear, if you commit a crime – you will be caught,” the councilman said.

The newly installed argus camera on the City Island Bridge
Aracelis Batista

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