Non-profit to host adoption event

Animal lover Pedro Rosario, founder of New Beginning Animal Rescue of NYC’s Top Dog, Inc., looks forward to finding homes for his cats and dogs.
Photo courtesy of NYC’s Top Dog, Inc.

Pets are people too! Well, not quite – but just like people – they all deserve to be loved and cared for.

New Beginning Animal Rescue of NYC’s Top Dog, Inc., a nonprofit organization committed to helping homeless animals and serving the rescue community, will host an animal adoption event at the organization’s location, 2515 Newbold Avenue, on Saturday, January 17, from 1 to 5 p.m.

At the event, which will be the organization’s first in house, future and potential pet owners will be given the opportunity to adopt cats and dogs from the shelter, as well as give these pets the family and home that they’ve been longing for. The animal adoption event will also include a bake sale to benefit the shelter.

Since it’s beginning in 2010, NYC’s Top Dog, Inc. and New Beginning Animal Rescue have seen many individuals donate their time and effort to these pets and their overall well-being; by walking dogs, cleaning cages and socializing the pets.

Volunteers have also helped rehabilitate many cats and dogs that were previously in an unhealthy, unsafe and unloving environment, which includes rescueing two dogs who were thrown out a car in City Island and a cat that was trapped in a drain.

“Many of the cats and dogs that have come to this shelter were initially so scared and shy of everything,” said Marlena Giga, who has been volunteering at the shelter for over two years and helps out whenever she is off from work.

“It’s amazing to see these pets transform from scared and shy into loving, affectionate animals that will eventually find and a family and home of their own.”

According to Marlena, some of the dogs and cats have been in the shelter for over two years and are still waiting for someone special to give them a new, permanent home.

This event should help many previously unwanted pets receive that much desired home, as well as raise awareness about the hospitality that animal shelters offer to unowned pets.

“The main and primary motivation of this organization is finding these pets a home and a family that loves them,” said Pedro Rosario, president and founder of NYC’s Top Dog, Inc. and New Beginning Animal Rescue.

“Pets living inside cages should only be a temporary situation. We strive on the fact that we are a safe haven for animals and pets in the Bronx, but nothing is more important than finding these pets a home.”

Rosario, previously the manager of Animal King Control in Manhattan for 16 years, quit his job to pursue the nonprofit organization, which he started in 2010.

According to a fellow volunteer, Pedro is a warm-hearted individual who treats the animals as if they were his own pets.

“More people need to know about this man’s generousity and his organization that has helped so many animals,” said Christina Abbatullo, a part time volunteer at the shelter. “Pedro is a great resource for animals in the Bronx, and his animals will make great pets.”

According to both Abbatullo and Giga, Pedro’s service to the community does not just include pets, but also people – individuals who may be pet owners in the near future.

“Pedro is a kind soul that takes in these unwanted animals and also mentors the youth in the community – teaching them about how to care, train, and be responsibile pet owners,” said Giga.

“He even welcomes all ages doing community service, whether it’s for school, work, etc. Pedro puts his all into helping animals and humans alike, and I have never met anyone more compassionate about helping both animals and people.”

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