No bux and bad choices beached Snooki

Sept. 13th Democratic Primary winner Mark Gjonaj outspent Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera 2-1 or better, dropping almost $300,000 for her Morris Park/Allerton seat in the redistricted 80th Assembly District.

With campaign manager Emmett Hare running Gjonaj’s daily operation, the well-heeled businessman outnumbered her mailings, her street operation, and despite Bronx Dem Party and union backing, a gi-normous primary day pull-out operation.

The latest post-primary expenditure filing with the state Board of Elections shows Gjonaj (Joe-nigh) spent a healthy $284,619.16.

Snooki’s only shows $45,000 spent, although we’re told the true amount comes close to $100-150Gs.

Snooki already dropped a $10G retainer with a law firm to deal with those city, state and federal probes into spending tax bux on boyfriends, so maybe she’s hoarding what’s left of her campaign funds to defend herself.

Final count – And with the absentee and affidavit ballots counted and submitted Tuesday, Oct. 2 to the city Board of Elections’ commissioners for certification, the final numbers show Gjonaj with 2,559 votes or 52% to Snooki’s 2,033 or 40%. Adam Bermudez pulled 265 votes, or 5%, and Irene Estrada Rukaj brought up the rear with 157 votes, or 3%.

And if Naomi thought not challenging those two to knock them off the ballot would drain votes from Mark, big whoops! They were the anti-Snooki vote drainers.

Mark stepping in with attorney Bill Madonna to help Tracey Towers tenants facing a 65% rent hike stole the vote show from Naomi, who wanted to keep Tracey Towers when her 80th Assembly District was chopped up and moved around.

That was another big whoops! That 300-plus vote for Mark swamped her.



State Senator Jeff Klein’s breakaway Independent Democratic Conference is sitting on a pile of money to dole out to worthy Democratic candidates around the state for the Nov. 6 general election, some $330,000 at last count, we’re told. That’s a lotta moolah to spread among Democratic incumbents and challengers who just might, maybe feel beholden to Jeff’s posse on certain votes in Albany, though not enough to feel emboldened to join his IDC Gang of Four.


Julia Rodriguez, female district leader in the new 87th Assembly District covering Parkchester, Castle Hill and West Farms, got paid a visit by the Secret Service shortly after returning from the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Seems the feisty senior merited the attention of the Men in Black after she “threatened” to kill Mitt Romney during an interview at the convention that went viral.

“Romney will destroy this country completely” she vented, before grabbing the interviewer’s mic and yelling:

“If I see him, I would like to kill him!”

Julia told us the female agent in the federal duo that visited her laughed about it all. No handcuffs.


That verbal brawl between MTA Chair Joe Lhota and board member/attorney Charles Moerdler of Riverdale has Councilman and Moerdler buddy Ollie Koppell huffin’ ‘n’ puffin’ like a steam engine.

Ollie fired off a letter to Governor Cuomo with some angry words for Lhota, calling on the Gov to sack him.

Lhota blew up at Moerdler for his arguing for more, not less, MTA board meetings, getting in Moerdler’s face and calling him a “blubbering” so-and-so and a “liar.”

“He must resign or be removed,” writeth angry Ollie.



Sustainable South Bronx founder Majora Carter taking heat for flacking for Fresh Direct as it prepares to move its operations – and fume-spewing trucks into the asthma-choked South Bronx.

CUNY J-school’s Hunts Point Express broke the story on Majora, who went from the non-profit that worked to clean up the air around Hunts Point to running the for-profit Majora Carter Group. And thank you for smoking, as the movie title goes….


Actor Chaz Palminteri of ‘A Bronx Tale’ fame exciting the room, showing up at the Columbus Day Parade Dinner-Dance at Maestro’s Caterers last Friday night. The BIG DAY is this Sunday in Morris Park, when EVERYONE is Italian for the day.


Term-limited out of his seat from E. Tremont soon, City Councilman Joel Rivera is looking at Westchester these days.

But not politically.

With his Realtor’s license, he told us he’s expanded his sales territory north.

Joel’s still mum on looking even further north – to Albany – should 75-year-old Assemblyman Papi Jose decide to step down and run for City Council to beef up his pension in the higher paying council seat.


Makin the money – Congrats to Jesus Freytes over at the 44th Detective Squad in Highbridge, promoted to sergeant supervisor, and to Luis Salvador over at Bronx Homicide, upped to prestigious detective first grade, in ceremonies last week at 1 Police Plaza.


Don’t look for the column next week. We’ll be taking a well deserved and much needed break.

Any comments from drooling, knuckle-draggers will just have to wait a week.

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