Nightmare put to rest in Zerega

An abandoned property at 1638 St. Peter’s Avenue was broken into and ransacked, causing great alarm in the Zerega community. - Photo courtesy of Senator Jeff Klein's office

One Zerega resident is sleeping more soundly after an abandoned home harboring vandals was cleaned up and secured on Friday, June 27.

“Thank God for Senator Klein’s office,” Hanna Acampora said about what was finally the end of her neighborhood nightmare. “I feel a lot better. I’m happy the place is finally secured.”

For weeks, Acampora said she witnessed destructive and alarming activities occurring at 1638 St. Peter’s Avenue. As a resident on the block she said she was most recently disturbed when someone appeared to be breaking into the building at 10 p.m.

She immediately called the police, and while three individuals were detained, they weren’t arrested.

“The officer told me that the woman was a previous tenant and because she left her belongings in the apartment, the landlord should’ve put her things in storage.  However, since he didn’t want to pay for storage, she can access the premises whenever she wants,” Acampora reiterated.

For a week, she said the previous tenant’s boyfriend resumed removing her belongings from the second floor apartment.

What seemed like it could be a harmless, though odd, act quickly drew suspicions when the first floor air conditioners went missing. Strangely, all of the building’s doors were also left open. Acampora said she was shocked when she went to investigate.

“They trashed the place,” she exclaimed. “They broke into the first floor apartment, kicked in and removed doors, pulled off the molding and plaster, kicked in walls and broke ceiling fans. It was a mess.”

When enough was enough, Acampora reached out to Senator Jeff Klein’s office for help. Just two days after his office made contact with the bank’s maintenance crew, they cleaned up and secured the home.

“He really did a lot for this community,” Acampora explained.

Klein said the quick turnaround was largely thanks to the building’s mortgage lender Saxon.

Though this situation was resolved rather easily, Klein commented, “I’m going to remain forever vigilant that my district doesn’t fall victim to the sub prime fallout.”

He added that should someone notice any further activity at 1638 St. Peter’s Avenue, or need assistance with similar cases, to contact his office immediately, by calling (718) 822-2049. 

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