New York Pizza Festival takes over Arthur Avenue

Arthur Avenue hosted one of the most exciting and delicious events of the year on Saturday, October 5 and Sunday, October 6.

The New York Pizza Festival shut down Belmont with a plethora a pizza options for the thousands who made the trip from literally all over the world for the glorified taste test.

Famed pizza champion and chef Vincenzo Capuano traveled in from Naples to serve up brick oven pies along with his energetic crew that couldn’t help but to sing and shout along in the process.

“We’ve been waiting for this one all year!” he exclaimed while serving out a special bacon and egg breakfast pie made on a special dough.

Another notables slice came from Harry’s Pizza in Miami where braised short rib found its way onto a pie topped with delicious honey glaze.

While there were plenty of other options to pull from that weekend, two Bronx pizzerias especially shined.

Puglsey Pizza in Fordham served up a slice familiar to many of its Bronx customers by the hands of Salvatore Natale along with his iconic gong that he invited the masses to hit for good luck in a vibrant way of projecting one’s dreams out into the world.

Zero Otto Nove of Arthur Avenue was also present serving up what’s been ranked as the best slice of pizza in New York from multiple food and news outlets.

Until the next New York Pizza Festival, ciao!

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