New York Fire Department Squad 61 needs votes

FDNY Squad 61, located at 1518 Williamsbridge Road, is sounding its alarm for help.

The squad has been named a finalist for a $25,000 Ikea Family Handyman Magazine kitchen makeover, but they need our votes to win.

Currently the squad is in last place due to a voting issue they experienced last week, where it was decided the votes would be set back to the number of votes each squad received before the problem.

The firehouse with the most votes will receive a kitchen renovation and because everything will be donated by Ikea, it will be filled with the newest innovations in kitchen technology to make living at the firehouse a little bit easier.

According to the Squad 61 web site, the firefighters feel they deserve an Ikea kitchen make over because they have been cooking in the same kitchen for over 12 years, and the work conditions are declining.

The firefighters also feel the amount of storage in the kitchen is a big issue as they have to store their coffee cups on an old wire shelf, which is no long very sturdy.

The squad also has to store their pots and pans in an old wooden box as well as from hooks above the stove, making it difficult to cook.

“The rodents probably consume more of our leftovers than the hungry firefighters,” a statement on the squad’s web site states.

“Besides being the busiest fire Squad Company in New York City, the members who devote so much of themselves to Squad 61 also devote that much effort and joy into the meals we prepare and consume all together around our circular shaped table with our Company Logo carved into it.”

As of Monday, February 13, the squad had 13,909 votes. Voting ends Tuesday, February 28.

To vote and for more information please visit

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