New yoga studio takes Pelham Bay

Bamboo Moves promises to bring both physical fitness and inner tranquility to our stressful lives. The new yoga studio is located at 3045 Buhre Avenue, below Excel Martial Arts. (L-r) Joe Rivera, co-owner of Bamboo Moves; China Fuentes; Jonisha Rios; and co-owner Michael Baez at the grand opening on Saturday, June 20.

Bamboo Moves is the first gym in Pelham Bay offering not only yoga classes, but also belly dancing, cardio dance, Pilates and zumba Latin dance – all designed to boost both physical fitness and relieve stress.

The studio, located at 3045 Buhre Avenue, is the first in the Bronx to use a patented form of instruction that was originally developed in a Forrest Hill, Queens yoga studio.

The goal of the Bamboo Moves program is “to have students become more flexible in body and mind, leaner and stronger, and better equipped to deal with the challenges of stress-filled modern lives.” Co-owner of the Bronx location, Michael Baez, was trained in the Bamboo Moves program, and is a certified yoga instructor.

Bamboo Moves held a grand opening ceremony on Saturday, June 20 where $5 classes were offered to the public. A monthly membership runs about $40. Many dropped by the studio to try out a session.

“My partner and I licensed the Bamboo Moves name and system, which is unique among yoga studios.” Baez said. “We wanted to bring something to the Bronx that it has not had in the past.”

Baez said that he thinks that he can create something special at the location, bringing together both the toughness of martial arts training at Excel Martial Arts Academy upstairs a spiritual workout of yoga and eastern forms of meditation downstairs. Baez’s partner is Joe Rivera, the owner Excel Martial Arts, also located at 3045 Buhre Avenue.

Baez feels the two gyms, each offering a different kind of work out, will be beneficial to everyone.

“Oftentimes, when parents bring their kids to martial arts practice, there is nothing for them to do but watch,” Baez said. “Now, parents can come downstairs and do yoga, and kids can go upstairs and do karate. The adults can knock out a quick workout and feel better about themselves, and then the parents and children can go home together.”

The studio was completely rebuilt from the ground up, according to Baez. The process included all organic materials that are not harmful to the environment or people exercising in the gym.

“Our goal is to create a health and wellness center,” Baez stated. The yoga school itself is eco-friendly and was built from scratch. From the bamboo wood floor to the ceiling, there are no chemicals. The yoga mats are eco friendly. All of the instructors are vegetarians.”

The studio promises to be a beacon to Bronxites who hope to work out in a way that not only builds physical fitness, but also is fun.

The gym offers classes Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. till 9:30 p.m.. Classes on Saturdays and Sundays are held in the afternoons and evening. For more information call (347) 281-9700.

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