New Kids Montessori School Opens in Throggs Neck

A highly regarded young children’s development school has opened its second location recently.

For years, the Rainbow Montessori Academy, located at 880 Thieriot Avenue, has longed to open a second location andofficially opened at 816 Clarence Avenue in a former day-care space.

The academy has established a method of educating infants and toddlers by allowing them freedom in their environment.

Educators of the Montessori Method develop a carefully planned and structured learning environment that allows the young children to reach their maximum potential of learning.

Their based curriculum, which includes mathematics, reading, writing, art, history, music, physical fitness and more, is what the Rainbow Montessori Academy has been teaching their students since 1907 when Maria Montessori developed the unique style of learning.

“We’ve been wanting this opportunity for a long time now,” said Tara Fenelon, program director of the new location. “We are a very rare curriculum and we want to be able to take as many students as we can and teach them the traditional ways of the Montessori Method.”

The school celebrated their new location with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, February 4.

With a staff of two head teachers and two assistants, the new location will be able to accommodate up to 64 students between the ages of 6 weeks and 6-years-old. An open house was held during the last week of January and so far, eight new students already enrolled. Fenelon is expecting the enrollment to rise very quickly.

Jam Hernandez, one of the head teachers, thinks it is great that the school opened the new location.

“This is a wonderful new opportunity for Rainbow Montessori,” Hernandez said. “I was working at the other Bronx location but now I can come here to the new one and teach more children.”

Parents can enroll their children as full-time students or part-time students, with prices for full-time ranging from $225 for infants and $250 for toddlers per week, and prices for part-time students ranging from $170 for 20-25 hours per week and $195 for 26-29 hours per week.

Students who are enrolled full-time will be in school from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m., while the hours for part-time students can be chosen by the parents of the children.

A registration fee of $125 for infants and $200 for toddlers is also required, as well as a $200 activity fee, which includes school supplies for the year, hygiene supplies, school t-shirts, classroom materials and daily meals for the students.

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