New Bronx Borough Commander assigned

The Bronx has a new NYPD Borough Commander and he is committed to keeping our streets safe from crime.

Assistant Chief Carlos Gomez, 48, is stepping in as the new commanding officer of the Bronx, a title formerly held by Assistant Chief Thomas Purtell, who was assigned to the commanding officer of Manhattan South.

“Chief Purtell was here nearly six and a half years, he did a great job,” said Gomez, who possesses a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice.“He kept crime down and made the Bronx a safer place.I am going to continue his success.”

Gomez joined the NYPD in July of 1984, was assigned to the 103rd Precinct in Jamaica, Queens.He was quickly promoted in 1989 to sergeant, covering the 115th and 101st precincts.

The Queens native was promoted to lieutenant in 1996, serving on the Queens South Street Crime Unit and by 1998 achieved the rank of captain as the executive officer for the 101st, 102nd and 103rd precincts.

He was promoted to Deputy Inspector in 2000 and Inspector in 2002.He earned the rank of chief in 2007, serving as executive officer for Queens North.

“I always aspired to work hard and to improve not just myself, but the neighborhoods where I work,” said Gomez.

Given his vast experience, Gomez is certain he is ready and able to take on his new role in the Bronx.Since taking the position on Monday, March 29, he has reached out to precincts throughout the borough.

“I am going around and meeting with elected officials, precinct commanders and precinct community council presidents,” said Gomez.“I am getting to know their issues and I am learning their concerns.”

Gomez’s goals are to continue the crime reductions that have been achieved through past commanders and to target violent crimes.In the past nine years, crime throughout the borough has decreased by 32.3 percent.

“The police can’t do it alone, we need community assistance and support,” said the married father of two.

Gomez will have more than 3,200 police officers under his command to cover a population of nearly 1.4 million residents, Gomez is excited and enthusiastic for this opportunity to work with such a large and diverse borough.

“I am very honored to be given the responsibility of serving as the commanding officer of this borough,” said Gomez.“I pledge to work hard to not only reduce crime, but to reach out and work with the community.”

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