Neighbors petition against Animal House parties

Neighbors are petitioning against loud parties at 3282 Radio Drive (pictured above) and 3288 Radio Drive. Photos by Victor Chu

In a very unusual move, neighbors have singled out two nearby homes for throwing wild parties during the summer months.

Residents who live near 3288 Radio Drive and 3282 Radio Drive have expressed dismay over parties that play very loud music and include alleged underage drinking, and pot smoking into the early hours of the morning. The owners of both houses have denied the charges.

Twelve neighbors on Radio Drive and Lucerne Street have signed a petition calling for a swifter response from the city and the police department to their complaints, which they said have been slowly addressed over the past couple of summers.

“For the past three years we have had major issues with noise pollution and drunken, unruly behavior from the residences of 3282 Radio Drive and 3288 Radio Drive,” the petition stated. “Both residents have been blasting music throughout the summer season. The residents of 3288 have a professional D.J. booth in their backyard, which can be heard from a two block radius.”

The petition, a five-paragraph document, goes onto to state that the party has gone on unabated even after the neighbors asked politely for the music to be turned down.

“In both cases, the residents of these properties have been asked to quiet down nicely,” the petition reads. “In both cases, we were laughed at, cursed out, and had the music turned higher.”

One neighbor described a recent incident in which the noise coming from one of the houses got to be unbearable.

“The noise was so loud that our windows began vibrating in the back of our house,” said the neighbor, who did not wish to be indentified. “We couldn’t stay in the back of the house.”

Another neighbor said that young people attending a party at one of the houses threw glass beer bottles into her swimming pool.

“They hurled a bottle across several yards and into my swimming pool,” another neighbor said. “I am all for people enjoying themselves, but I don’t want someone throwing glass bottles in my direction.”

Both of the homes in question have said that the charges are bogus.

“It is a pretty nice and quiet block,” Joanne Tufaro, homeowner at 3282 Radio Drive. “We have had family gatherings in the backyard and occasional barbeques, but nothing like what is described in the petition.”

The owner of 3288 Radio Drive said that one of his children is in college, and the other is working all of the time.

“I guarantee that all of [these allegations] are bogus,” he said. “We have lived here for nine years. If my neighbors have any problem, they know that they can come to me.”

(The petitions have been sent to Community Board 10 and the 45th Precinct.)

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