Native Bronx artist tours local libraries

Digital art by native Bronxite Junior Mclean, which is currently exhibited at the Tremont Library until November 6. Courtesy of Junior Mclean

The works of a new and exciting artist are traveling throughout Bronx public libraries in order to awe and inspire community members.

The Tremont Library is currently playing host to the works of Junior Mclean until Thursday, November 6, when they will be relocated to another library.

“I have been doing this work for about 13 years, but I didn’t get into the exhibition thing until 2006,” explained native Bronx artist, Mclean, “I also do a lot of graphic and web design.”

Mclean, who was born and raised in the Soundview area, considers himself to be a digital artist, creating both 2D and 3D illustrations of various themes, mostly involving fantasy and sci-fi components.

His career began at a young age with basic sketches and drawings, his creativity encouraged by both an artistically gifted mother and father.

“What really got me started was comic books and joining online communities where you would be about to see some of the world’s best 2D and 3D artists, as well as a variety of other art genres,” said Mclean. “I was so interested in creating what they did that I continued to join more and more sites.”

With his work Mclean hopes to inspire people and spark their interest and curiosity into this art medium, as other artists did for him.

“I want to wow the person. I know how to make people interested in my work – I have always had that ability,” said McLean. “Whenever I create something people want to know what it is and how it’s done. I love to make them curious and excited.”

Mclean also specializes in what is known as fractal art, which is the use of mathematical equations on an object or subject, and using those calculation to create a work of art.

“The Bronx has a lot to offer in terms of inspiration, and I am hoping to make people more interested in art for the simple fact that it lifts up people’s spirits,” said McLean. “Especially in the times we are in now, people being very depressed with the economy and such, art may give people the relief and might also help to motivate young adults and kids.”

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