Triboro Center celebrates national Taco Day

National Taco Day 10-4-21.v1
Residents at Triboro Center are all smiles as they celebrate national Taco Day on Oct. 4, 2021.
Photos courtesy Triboro Center

Either chicken or beef, what’s better than a delicious taco?  Since Oct. 4 was National Taco Day, residents at Triboro Center on Teller Avenue not only had a full lunch of tacos and juices, but they took part in making them as well.

As they ate them in the Triboro Dining Room, they played cards, dominos or just told each other stories. The bottom line was that they had fun, ate and took part in the whole experience.

“We just love it when the residents get involved with creating something, whether it being a painting or drawing to creating tacos, it’s so special to them,” said Rose Ferreira, recreation director at the 405-bed nursing and rehabilitation center. “They had a choice of chicken or beef and we made sure they had the cheese, onions, guacamole, salsa, rice and refried beans. They had so much fun.”

The residents are now looking forward to next October for National Taco Day 2022.

Residents at Triboro Center celebrate national Taco Day.