Muni-Meters in Morris Park

Out with the old and in with the new.Morris Park residents and shoppers can expect a change coming to their business district within in the next few weeks, as standard curbside meters are replaced with muni-meters.

As part of a citywide initiative to improve and update parking conditions the Department of Transportation will be replacing the current meters that designate each parking spot with muni-meters along Morris Park Avenue from Williamsbridge Road to Amethyst Street.

“This is just a way of making more money on the back of the working class,” said Al D’Angelo, president of the Morris Park Community Association.“In the past we have heard many complaints about the muni-meters in front of the Golden Eagle.This is going to hurt the businesses, once again this city is beating the middle class over the head.”

According to DOT the muni-meters will help increase the number of available spaces.DOT also stated the new system is more user-friendly, accepting electronic payments and printing a receipt with the paid amount and time allotted to park.

John Fratta feels this change will only make matters worse for a business district already burdened with parking problems and over ticketing.

“DOT ran a pilot project with this where they put muni-meters in between Pauling and Radcliff Avenues.We are not happy with this because we feel that the pilot project failed utterly,” said John Fratta.“It was supposed to increase parking, but with the meters you have designated spots, and when they are taken away people like to take up extra space.”

Fratta also was concerned for the inconvenience this will be to elderly and handicapped persons.

“People have to walk to the middle of the block to get the slip and than go back to their car before they can go shopping, this will be a hardship for people with disabilities,” said Fratta.“It makes it difficult for people to run in and out of their cars if they just want to stop to buy a loaf of bread.”

According to DOT, the new meters will be in place by the end of August.Parking rates will remain the same.

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