MTA urged to reinstate student fares

Assemblyman Benedetto along with Councilman James Vacca speak about the elimination of student discounts on MTA express buses.

Assemblyman Michael R. Benedetto is calling on the MTA to reinstate reduced fares for students using express bus service.

The new fare; which came into effect on June 28 will result in students having to pay full fare on express bus service to Manhattan. “This fare hike will be especially painful for middle class families in the outer-boroughs who have kids going to school in Manhattan,” said Benedetto. Students traveling to Manhattan will have to pay $5.50 for a one way trip, an almost 100 percent increase from the previous fare of $2.50. Over a typical 36-week school year, this translates into a staggering $1,980 per child.

“When the MTA came to us earlier this year seeking help with their budget, we were assured that there would be no cuts to existing programs and services. We in the Assembly worked very hard to put together a package that would provide extra funding for the MTA, and this decision to eliminate a discounted fare for students clearly violates the understanding we had with the MTA,” said Benedetto.

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