MP car crash leaves driver in anguish

Irene Caraballo receives medical attention as Morris Park residents look on after here 2002 Toyota was totaled at the corner of Bronxdale and Morris Park Avenues on the night of Wednesday, June 11. - Photo by Adam Bermudez

An accident in Morris Park on June 11 destroyed Zerega resident Irene Caraballo’s Toyota, and the ordeal has not been limited to her injury.  Issues have arisen regarding the other driver and the city’s poor response. 

“My neck is totally sore,” said Caraballo the day after the accident and her night at Jacobi Medical Center. 

Caraballo felt the other driver, listed as Mo Ambla Miam, who was driving a taxi, had obfuscated the truth, both in his account of the accident to police and his true identity. 

“The other driver created this whole other scenario,” she said.

Describing similar looking individuals who knew Miam and arrived at the scene soon after the accident, she recounted, “They were trying to play switcheroo, but the driver was the man in the red shirt.”  Caraballo was uncertain if Miam is the real name of the driver who allegedly hit her car. 

A representative of UPS Cab Company, a dispatcher, stated the car with license T 505999C was not in their driver database, and denied being associated with the driver.

49th Precinct Officers Tomaszewski and Cerniglia arrived at 10:10 p.m. and took the accident report at 10:30, after Caraballo was already brought to the hospital by FDNY emergency medical technicians.  The accident occurred at approximately 9:20 p.m. 

A member of Community Affairs at the precinct explained the long response time was a result of a hostage situation in the Eastchester Gardens houses.

Caraballo’s late model Toyota, with only 32,000 miles, was totaled.  The town car, which appeared to have minor passenger side damage.

The accident report states that the car is licensed to Seasonal Enterprise, Inc. of 1214 Taylor Avenue. 

Caraballo’s account of the accident has her traveling southbound on Bronxdale Avenue, heading straight ahead through the Morris Park Avenue intersection before colliding with Miam, who was traveling northbound on Bronxdale, and had made an abrupt left turn. 

The cab driver’s account states that he was driving straight down Morris Park Avenue, where Caraballo hit him. 

While no witnesses were available to account the exact moment of impact, many Morris Park residents, including over 20 people leaving a Morris Park Community Association meeting, expressed agreement with Caraballo’s side of the story based on the position of the cars. 

Al D’Angelo, president of the association, helped direct traffic along with other members after the accident, where the cars sat in the middle of the busy intersection.  He has reached out to the community to try to find a witness who saw the crash.

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