Move over Cronut for a Kronie

Move over Cronut for a Kronie
The man behind Jolie’s Kronies, Joe Floriano, shows off his latest creation.
Photo by Aracelis Batista
Aracelis Batista

Joe Floriano, owner of Enrico’s Bake Shop on Morris Park Avenue, has been on Cloud Nine with his latest creation – the Kronie, part of the Jolie’s Sweet Creations’ line of pastry products.

But don’t let that confuse you with the Cronut donut craze that’s sweeping Manhattan. That donut was merely an inspiration. This one ups the ante in decadent desserts, said Floriano.

“It is the best damn donut you’ll ever eat,” Floriano boasted, citing an 18% surge in business since unveiling his creation this summer.

Floriano developed the product after visiting the Cronuts locale, later convening with his team to determine how they could perfect their own version.

“The Cronut had no shelf life,” said Floriano. “I sell mine till 8 o’clock at night and it’s still fine.”

Kronie demand has been high since the launch, with locals paying $3.50 to sample the concoction’s 14 flavors.

Outside, the crispy Kronie’s comprised of ingredients similar to a croissant, with baking sugar spinkled about. The hollow shell’s infused with enough cream filling for two regular-size donuts and an explosive calorie count, as well as sugar shock and the need for a couple of napkins to keep the overflow in hand.

“It’s probably over a thousand,” laughed Floriano, keeping the count vague. “It’s a treat. It’s not something you expect people to buy every day while going to the bus.”

Still, the buzz has attracted out-of-towners to taste the treat, drawing donut connoisseur Veronica Diaz of New Jersey.

“My homegirl put a picture on Instagram of this place,” said Diaz, referring to the social media platform.

She visited the pastry shop with Throggs Neck pal Mayra Carrasquillo on Aug. 29, leaving the bakery with a box full of Kronies.

With the Kronie success apparent, Floriano’s set to go regional, hoping to showcase it at the Ferragosto Festival in Belmont, and later at the Manhattan’s San Gennaro Festival. He’s also applied for a booth at Bryant Park’s Christmas Village.

“We have hopes of going national with this product,” said Floriano, who is now selling it wholesale to Morton William’s Supermarket.

Enrico’s Bake Shop opened 53 years ago as a family-run operation, with the younger Floriano following in his mom and pop’s pastry business. He splits his time between the Morris Park shop and the other one in Elmsford, often shuttling three times a day.

And as Floriano continues where his family left off, his three children have also boosted the bakery’s success.

After all, it was Floriano’s youngest daughter named Jolie who came up with the Kronie name.

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