Morris Park Merchants Make Timely Donations to S.F.X.

Donations from a local supermarket and funeral home have brought exciting new additions to a Morris Park parish.

For the second year in a row, Big Deal Supermarket on 1018 Morris Park Avenue worked with the National Association of the Holy Name Society of St. Francis Xavier and St. Clare of Assisi to raise money for the parishes during the Easter season.

The fundraiser raised approximately $2,100 for each parish, which is about $600 more than 2010. With the new funds, St. Francis was able to put the money to good use for some well-needed additions.

Last year, St. Francis Xavier installed new fencing around the front of the church. They needed a new gate in front of its steps, but could not afford it after purchasing the fence.

With the Big Deal Supermarket money, St. Francis was able to purchase the gate, which was installed in May, along with a new outdoor sign that displays the Mass schedule.

“The Big Deal fundraiser was a huge help in purchasing the new gate that we had wanted,” said Fr. Matthew Furey, pastor of St. Francis. “When we installed the fence last year, it was very expensive so we had to wait on the gate. We are very grateful for what Big Deal has done for the local parishes.”

According to Fr. Furey, the fence and gate prevents area youth from hanging out on the church steps in the evening.

The sign, which was an unexpected addition to the church, was donated by John Dormi & Sons Funeral Home on 1121 Morris Park Avenue, who has been a partner with St. Francis Xavier for decades.

Chris DiCostanzo, manager of John Dormi & Sons, felt that the old mass schedule sign at the parish was very outdated.

“We work in the community together. We service many families from the St. Francis Xavier parish so it’s always great to help,” DiCostanzo said. “Fr. Furey had mentioned that the church was in need of a new sign about eight months ago and we were finally able to get it done. He does a lot for the parish so it was nice to get the new sign up, along with the new gates.”

Local residents and members of the parish are very excited about the new additions, and are grateful that merchants of the community are able to help.

“The new gate and sign are beautiful and we are very thankful for what Big Deal and John Dormi & Sons have done,” said Martin Dolgow of the Holy Names Society at St. Francis. “A perfect example of a community helping each other.”

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