Modi to peform at Fieldston Lodge

Modi, who is pictured performing at the Comic Strip Live, will perform at Fieldston Lodge as part of an open house on Tuesday, April 17. Photo courtesy of Fieldston Lodge

A local nursing home is counting on comedy to help make the case about the quality of its medical treatment and care.

Fieldston Lodge Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, located at 666 Kappock Street, will be hosting comedian Modi in a special performance entitled “A Spectacular Night Out” that will take place at the facility on Tuesday, April 17, said administrator Mayer Spielman.

Modi has been voted one of the top 10 comedians in New York and Los Angeles by the Hollywood Reporter and Backstage, according to his bio.

The special performance will be followed by a tour of the facility for the community, representatives from various hospitals that refer clients to Fieldston Lodge, and doctors, Spielman said.

The facility is hoping to highlight what has been a three-year process of upgrading both the physical plant and the staffing of Fieldston Lodge, Spielman stated.

“It is a perfect light-hearted situation and they can come in, relax, and while they are here they can see who we are first-hand,” Spielman said. “I recently saw Modi in a performance and the thing that I liked most was that his delivery of comedy was so natural, and his jokes were just pure, clean comedy.”

Fieldston Lodge is doing something that is positive to promote their health care and it is important that the comedy be both clean and hilarious, with Modi certainly fitting the bill, Spielman said. He is known name in the world of comedy and should provide a nice backdrop to the entire event, which should be part-party, part-walking tour, Spielman stated.

Often, when representatives of hospitals like Montefiore Medical Center, Jacobi Hospital and Bronx Lebanon come to the Fieldston they can only do so as part of a busy day when there is a lot happening back at the office, Spielman said. This kind of relaxed comedy event and tour can help those people who have to refer patients to the hospital by providing a time when they can truly take in the entire facility at a relaxed pace. This includes enhancements to the living quarters like granite counter tops and shower heat lamps, and an updated family recreation lounge that can be used for private parties, Spielman stated.

People from the community are invited.

For more information about Fieldston Lodge, please call (718) 549-1203.

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