Mill Pond Park is February’s Park of the Month

Mill Pond Park is February’s park of the month

Mill Pond Park has been named Feb-ruary’s Park of the Month.The ten-acre park opened last October as part of the Yankee Stadium Redevelopment Project, and the upcoming arrival of spring and the warm weather season offers fresh opportunities to discover nature, connect with the community, and have fun out-doors.

Hugging the banks of the Harlem River, Mill Pond Park has transformed a formerly run-down industrial section of the south Bronx into a state-of-the-art recreational facility.The park is located along East 149 and Exterior streets, across the street from the Gateway Cen-ter at Bronx Terminal Market.

“Mill Pond Park is a creatively de-signed, exciting new park that brings increased green space and waterfront access to the south Bronx,” said Commis-sioner Adrian Benepe.“The park’s state of the art tennis courts, esplanade, picnic area, and youth sand play area offer vari-ous ways to have fun and connect with nature.Mill Pond Park is a great place to get out, workout, and eat out right on the Harlem River waterfront.”

Sixteen Deco Turf tennis courts form the centerpiece of this $64 million park. Twelve of the sixteen courts will be open year-round, as they are designed to allow for a bubbled enclosure.A landscaped picnic and grass area offer a natural set-ting to spend a relaxing day on the wa-ter’s edge.The park also features a spray shower, sand play area, and shaded out-door classroom for kids.An ADA-accessible esplanade unifies the site, pro-viding a fine route for a morning jog or an afternoon stroll by the river.

Mill Pond Park is the first significant city park to open on the Bronx bank of the Harlem River.Construction of the park included rehabilitation of the sea wall and four piers, bringing new vitality to what was only recently a decaying, unused industrial waterfront.The park’s 25,800-square-foot historic Power House building, which will eventually feature a green roof and a new café, is expected to open over the next month.


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