Metro-North Yankee Station opens May 23

As part of the $91 million dollar project, a new 25-foot long overpass will connect the riverside parks and parking lots to the new stadium.

The Metro-North Railroad has constructed a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘take me out to the ballgame,’ with the addition of a new Yankee-E. 153rd Street Station.

The new addition to the Hudson Line will open on Saturday, May 23, just 24 months after the $ 91 million project began. It is funded through the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Metro-North Railroad and the City of New York.

“A two year construction schedule for such a complex project is very aggressive and we are gratified that all those involved in the job worked hard to keep it on time and on budget,” noted Howard Permut, Metro-North president.

Though the station will serve as a regular local stop along the Hudson Line, serving 23 southbound and 27 northbound trains each weekday, special accommodations will be made for Yankee games.

“It is going to operate year round, 365 days, for people who live in the Bronx. It was not just built for ball games, but for the community of the west Bronx,” said Majorine Andes, spokesperson for Metro-North Railroad. “It will be a big benefit for people of the community, we particularly expect people to use it going northbound to their jobs.”

Additional service will be included to accommodate the estimated 10,000 people expected to use the new station on game days.

For weekday visits to the games, continuous shuttle service between Grand Central and the new station will prevent interference with those who use the train service regularly.

After games, direct trains to Harlem and New Haven stations will be in operation.

For weekend and holiday visits to see the Bronx Bombers in action, extra trains will serve the Hudson Line, continuous shuttles to and from Grand Central will operate, and direct trains to and from the New Haven and Harlem Lines will be put into service.

For those living in the surrounding area, this new station may provide some relief from the usually heavy vehicle traffic caused by the stadium.

“I think the Yankee-E. 153rd Street Station is a good thing and it is my hope that folks coming to the stadium and the borough of the Bronx will use this new station to help ease some of the congestion of vehicle traffic and respect our community,” said Jose Rodriguez, district manager of Community Board 4.

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