Malliotakis faces backlash for Law Enforcement Day post after Capitol putsch, AOC unrelenting

REUTERS/Monica Almeida

By Mark Hallum & Hazel Shahgholi

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, still just days into her first term in office, continues to face backlash from Twitter users calling for her resignation.

Among her critics are Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who said her Republican counterpart brought “shame” to the New York delegation with her objection to the electoral vote on Jan. 6 that contributed to a wider movement against Joe Biden’s victory that led to the storming of Capitol that day.

Despite the blame on chaotic events leading up to what many are calling a putsch and resulting in the death of a U.S. Capitol Police officer being placed on GOP naysayers, Malliotakis went to Twitter to celebrate law enforcement on Jan. 9, displaying a Blue Lives Matter flag hanging next to her office in Washington D.C.

“This coming from a socialist who only talks about our police when she’s calling to defund them…And when you aren’t doing that…you’re killing jobs, defending looters, calling those who support police ‘racists’ or pushing a destructive ideology that’s led to nothing but misery,” Malliotakis shot back on Saturday night.

The backlash continued on Saturday when Democrats at the state level rallied in front of her Malliotakis’s office on the Brooklyn side of her district. State Senator Diane Savino, who was one of only two members of the Independent Democratic Conference to make it through a purging of representatives who were part of the breakaway group in 2018, placed blamed the actions of Malliotakis and other objectors for the insurrection.

“Well let me tell you what, the founding fathers were very, very smart people. They wanted to make sure that members of Congress were not responsible for the election of the President. They wrote into the constitution that electors would be a temporary body because they didn’t want people who could be beholden to the voters special interests, or worse, an angry mob to be those who cast those votes,” Savino said. “And that kind of shit is what led to what happened on Wednesday. The difference between then and now, you didn’t have millions of voters who have been lied to deliberately by elected officials who are afraid to face them and tell them the truth.”

The very next day in a Tweet and interview, Ocasio-Cortez proved she would be an unrelenting force in the movement to impeach Trump for a second time.

In an interview with ABC7 Eyewitness News, Ocasio-Cortez stated that impeachment should be scheduled urgently as “every second and every minute he [Trump] is in office represents a clear and present danger not just to the US Congress, but frankly to the country.” She also called for a complete block on Trump ever running for office again and highlighted that, if action is not swiftly taken, there is the potential for Trump to pardon himself for the charges he was impeached for.

Malliotakis, soon after the Capitol was stormed by men and women supporting President Donald Trump for another four years, was seen sporting Make America Great Again merchandise and Blue Lives Matter flags, upheld her objection to the Nov. 3 election results despite issuing a statement condemning the actions of insurrectionist.


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