Macombs Dam Park gets new outdoor exercise equipment

DA5_9092_102720_Macombs Dam
The Parks Department installs new equipment at Macombs Dam Park
Photos courtesy of The Parks Department

In the summer, a Bronx fitness coach launched a petition demanding new equipment at Macombs Dam Park, after the city’s Parks Department had removed the exercise gear due to its old age.

But months after Quincy France’s urging, the city finally obliged to return the equipment to the local park.

Last week, the Parks Department installed 18 brand new pieces of equipment, including a fitness overhead ladder, accessible parallel bars, plyometric box jump station, joint use pull-up and chin-up station, a multipurpose sit-up bench and a jump height meter.

In July, Parks removed 13 pieces of equipment that they had determined were worn and unsafe for public use.

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