Petition started to replace exercise equipment at Macombs Dam Park

A petition was started to replace the equipment at Macombs Dam Park
Courtesy of the petition

A Bronx fitness coach recently started a petition calling for the return of the equipment to Macombs Dam Park.

In the petition, Quincy France says he was told the pull-up bars and most of the equipment in the fitness area of the park was removed due to “lack of social distancing.” However, he points out this did not take place at other parks in the city.

France stressed now that the parks are reopen it is imperative that the equipment be there for Bronxites. Furthermore, he feels the equipment will take even longer to reassemble, as it was sawed off.

“We love this fitness area and would love to have all of the equipment replaced as soon as possible, including the dip bars which has not been reinstalled for over a year,” he said in the petition. “The community understands the importance of health, wellness and the ways in which fitness plays a role in our overall wellbeing. This park is our home and we did not appreciate NYC Parks Department decision to make our home an example of what happens when a small few decide to ignore posted signs and barriers.”

So far the petition has earned 669 signatures in six days.

A spokesman for the Parks Department explained that prior to the pandemic, they removed worn equipment that was determined to be unsafe for public use and additional pieces were taken due to base deterioration caused by draining issues on site.

“Safety remains our main priority — the fitness equipment at Macombs Dam Park has reached its life expectancy and we are planning to replace it as quickly as possible; a timeline has yet to be determined,” the spokesman said. “We appreciate the patience of the Concourse Village community as we seek funding to replace this equipment.”

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