Longtime educator and Pelham Gardens resident dies at 72

Lynne Greco (left) with Mary-Ann Gorman on one of their vacations.
Courtesy of Mary-Ann Gorman

Lynne Greco never had children of her own but impacted thousands of students as an educator over the course of her 45 year career. Sadly, Greco passed away on Nov. 27 at the age of 72.

Greco, a former 25 Influential Women recipient, began her career at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Belmont, taught briefly at P.S. 89 and spent 30 years at P.S. 83 in Morris Park. She was born in Pelham Bay and settled in Pelham Gardens with her husband Robert.

She wrote, produced and choreographed musicals at the school and was beloved by her students. In fact, one of her former students was Councilman Mark Gjonaj.

“She was a sounding board for me and I was a sounding board for her,” said Joanne Rubino, a former colleague and close friend. “I miss her terribly and it’s a shock that she’s gone.

They met in 2006 and became instant friends. They spoke often, spent time together socially, loved the Beatles, attended every Beatles fest and then retired in 2016.

According to Rubino, Greco was “kind, never had a bad thing to say about anybody and was very loving towards her students.”

Rubino recalled that the first time they met it was like they “knew each other in another life.” She told the Bronx Times they felt like sisters and understood each other quite well, not only because they were educators but due to the fact that they were both only children.

Rubino said that her friend’s death was not easy on her or anyone in the school. Rubino noted that if there wasn’t an ongoing pandemic, the amount of people at her funeral would be “a fire hazard.”

“Students felt they could talk to her about anything,” she said.

Among Greco’s many passions were traveling and bowling at the now shuttered Van Nest Lanes. Mary-Ann Gorman, who worked with her at P.S. 83, was a close friend and a 10 year traveling companion.

The ladies vacationed together every year since 2011 and went to places like France, England, Germany, the Caribbean, Bermuda, Hungary, Portugal and Italy.

It was hard for Gorman to speak about her friend in the past tense.

“She was extremely easy to be with,” she said. “She was the sweetest, kindest person you would ever want to meet. I am going to miss her very much.”

Many have expressed remorse on social media.

“Lynne was the sweetest, most caring teacher, co-worker and friend,” said Laurie Israel. “I loved working with her. She even made teaching after school fun. Lynne, I will miss you. Rest in peace, my friend.”

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