Local chiropractor, Klein help wrestler realize dream

(L-r) Throggs Neck Merchants Association president John Cerini, Dr. Kenneth Gonoud, David Cardona, and Senator Jeff Klein.

On a beautiful day in July, Jean Cardona came to Senator Jeff Klein’s office looking for financial support. She’d been walking the streets all day on behalf of her son David asking for help from the community to assist him in his quest to compete in the World Deaf Wrestling championship and the 2009 Deaflympics.

There she met with a representative who informed her that although the senator’s office could not offer grants for personal assistance it would support David in other ways. The representative listened to Cardona as she off handedly mentioned that David also needed help getting into an exclusive wrestling club in the city, the New York Athletic Club (NYAC). Realizing that the senator was a member of NYAC, the office wrote David a letter of recommendation and called up the gym, which offers Olympic-level training and facilities.

The next Tuesday, David had an interview and was admitted to the club. Jean Cardona was thrilled but still desperate to find financial backing. A deeply devoted mother, Mrs. Cardona cried in the senator’s office while showing off photos of her son.

As a resident of New York City Housing Authority at Throggs Neck Houses, David has excelled well beyond his circumstances and brought great joy to his family.

Klein’s office works closely with the Throggs Neck Merchant’s Association and realized that David was not only worthy of the association’s support, but in fact required it in order to succeed.

During the July meeting of the Throggs Neck Merchant’s Association, president John Cerini distributed a letter from Klein’s office, asking the merchants to help David Cardona. Upon receiving this request, Dr. Kenneth Gonoud, director of Community Chiropractic of Throggs Neck, contacted Jean, David’s mom, inviting them both to his office to receive a donation to David’s cause, as well as an opportunity to introduce chiropractic care into David’s training protocol.

Dr. Gonoud explained to David and his mom that most elite athletes are under chiropractic care, as enhanced nerve function allows athletes, and all of us, to function at a higher level. David has been under Dr. Gonoud’s care for more than a month and is enjoying an increased performance level in addition to greater range of motion.

To assist David in his athletic endeavors, make all checks payable to: USA/DWA/David Cardona. Mail checks to: Jean Cardona, 2802 Schley Avenue, Apartment 2A, Bronx, NY 10465

“As a local resident, I am proud to know that both Throggs Neck residents and business owners have taken a special interest in an outstanding family such as David and his mother, Jean, in their cause to help David’s promising wrestling future” said Cerini.

“With the help of local businesses, the community, and Senator Jeff Klein, we were able to achieve one of our own Throggs Neck Merchants motto: Unity for the Community.”

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