Local Celebrity Theatre holds first performance

Calling all talent!

Local Celebrity Theatre held its first production, an evening of cabaret musical performances, in a space donated by the owners of the Vietnam Veterans Council of America Post 807’s building in Morris Park.

The newly formed community theatre, which promises to encompass all kinds of performance art, held “Cabaret: A Night of Music & Memories” at 1812 Paulding Avenue on Thursday, June 3. The building’sowners donated the space for the evening peformance and two dress rehearsals. The review included 15 different musical performances selected and arranged by Chris Manetakis, president and founder of Local Celebrity Theatre.

Manetakis, who has been preforming in shows since he was a student at Lehman High School, said that he founded the theatre after realizing that there were not many of venues for people who are amateur actors, singers, and dancers to perform in their community. The Pelham Gardens resident felt that he could bring together people of all ages, backgrounds, and talents under an umbrella non-profit organization.

“We are working right now on putting together some dramas, a kid’s show, and another cabaret that should take place near the end of the year,” Manetakis said. “I am currently working on getting the rights to several different shows.”

Manetakis said he is grateful that the group was able to get together and perform for a large audience for the first time. Manetakis has performed in and directed productions at Lehman High School, Bronx Spotlight Theatre, and the City Island Theater Group.

“I started performing in high school, and just fell in love with it,” Manetakis stated.

Manetakis said that he also plans to hold fundraising events for charities, and that the group has already raised $2,300 for the March of Dimes by partcipating in the March For Babies on April 25. Local Celebrity Theatre vice president Patty Santomassino said that she hopes the new theatre company, which has yet to find a home, will bring young people to the stage.

Santomassino said that 125 people attended the kick off performance.

For more info visit www.localcelebritytheatre.com.

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