Little Theater Are Spellman Finalists

The finalists brought their best monologues.
Courtesy of Cardinal Spellman High School

The Little Theater at Cardinal Spellman was packed with standing only room left for the late comers. The finalists brought their best monologues. Here is a list of the finalists: Kimora Chambers, Amado Lambert, Faith Williams, Karlene Rivera, Kamryn Tommy, Lakshmanath Sawak, Britney Rivas, Jya Sears, Oilivia Mancino, Samantha Justiniano, Destiny Garcia, Walter Ohams, Roxxy DaCosta, Sualée Wright, Nya Castro, Tiffany Reyes, Caitlin Rodriguez, Joseyri Lora, Miyoshi Huicochea, Bethany Fernandez, Emily Valerio, Brianna Levy, Novell Jordan, Katherine Faminiano, Christian Hollins, Mia DeGracia, Kristina Ratigan, Dalia Clarke, Madison Reyes, Alexander Rivera.

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(l-r) Karlene Rivera, Olivia Mancino, Dalia Clarke- honorable mention Recipients, Walter Ohams- third place, Alexander Rivera-second place, Novell Jordan-first place.
Photo by Cardinal Spellman High School

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