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A troubled nightspot on Morris Park Avenue is applying for a renewal on their liquor license for on-premises consumption, but neighbors, police, and members of the community feel that granting them a new license would be an ill-advised move.

The State Liquor Authority will have the final say on the application, which was discussed at the Community Board 11 monthly meeting on Tuesday, September 16. Economic development chair Joe Thompson noted both police and community resistance to Café Deja vu, located at 778 Morris Park Avenue.

CB 11 voted unanimously to send an advisory statement against the renewal of the liquor license for Café Déjà vu, which also went by the name Café Dardania.

“This is not the kind of establishment that people want in their area,” Thompson said. “The police have had complaints about noise, rowdiness, garbage outside, and people fighting.”

The NYPD coordinated a multiple agency response to look into allegations against the appropriately titled Café Déjà vu in March. Summonses were issued by the NYPD, FDNY and the Department of Health.

Despite the action, members of the community have not noticed any positive changes at Café Déjà vu. CB 11 is looking into whether or not Déjà vu has a cabaret license, but whether it does or not, neighbors say it is bringing an undesirable element into the area.

Bombace said that he feels that most of the issues stem from people who come to Café Déjà vu from outside of the neighborhood, and don’t respect the community.

Bombace also pointed out that there are two houses of worship nearby – the Morris Park 7th Day Adventist Church and Our Lady of Solace – which may violate state laws that do not permit a bar and lounge serving alcohol within 200 feet of a church, and a cabaret within 500 feet of a church.

Bombace said, “It is because of establishments like Cafe Déjà vu, Morris Park Pub, and Karma that I am requesting periodical DWI checkpoints and roadblocks. These businesses do not benefit the community in any positive manner; all they do is cause havoc and deprive us of a peaceful standard of living.”

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