Lincoln Named ‘High Performing Hospital’

Lincoln Named ‘High Performing Hospital’|Lincoln Named ‘High Performing Hospital’
(back, l-r) Ammar Nassereddin, MD; Lila Santiago, CLW; Kenneth Ong, MD; Vipul Shah, MD; Angela Smith, ACM; (front, l-r) Corazon Beltran, ACM; Carolina Garcia-Ines Pujol, ACM; Wanda Gonzalez, ACM; Javier Erazo, CLW; Francine Arroyo, CLW and Queenie Joy Papa, ACM. Not Pictured: Akinola Fisher, MD, Care Management Program Institutional Lead; Maria Carla Evangelista, MD; Marisol Felix, CLW and Marlena Mallner, ACM.
Photo courtesy of Lincoln Hospital

U.S. News and World Report named Lincoln Hospital a ‘High Performing Hospital’ for both heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on Tuesday, August 21. The recognition was published as part of the national magazine’s ‘Best Hospital’ issue for 2018-2019.

(l-r) Bala Kanna, MD, Chief Operating and Safety officer; Lillian Diaz, RN, chief nursing executive; Milton Nuñez, CEO; Anita Soni, MD, Lincoln Hospital chief medical officer.
Photo courtesy of Lincoln Hospital

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