Lifelong dream pursued at 71

Lifelong dream pursued at 71
Photo courtesy of the Idea Factory

A Bronx native living in Pelham Parkway and a US Postal Service retiree hasn’t always been able to dedicate all of his time and effort towards his dream of being an artist. But, now, after over 50 years of practice, he is ready to take on his true career calling – full-time.

Seventy one-year old Joseph Moscato, a husband and father who worked at the US Postal Service for 20 years, finally has the time and the opportunity to pursue his dream of setting up art shows and exhibits at galleries all over the Bronx and Manhattan, for starters.

Moscato’s journey to becoming an artist started at an early age – originally learning from his father, who was a photographer. According to Joseph, his father never realized his own potential when it came to photography.

After being discharged from the military, Moscato wanted to study art at the Art Student’s League in Manhattan – something he wanted to do for many years. However, his GI Bill was not accepted and was unable to attend the school.

Becoming a husband and father put Joseph’s dream on hold even longer, as he worked numerous jobs to support his family. He eventually got a job at the US Postal Service, working as a letter carrier and union rep for 20 years until retiring in 2004.

Ten years later, Moscato’s dream is closer to becoming a reality than ever before, as he is finally able to dedicate more time to pursuing his passion. Now a creator of many collages, paintings, sculptures and manikins, among other projects, Joseph is living proof that no matter what point someone is at in their life, it’s never too late to fulfill your dream.

“I may have not been able to work on my art as much as I wanted to when I was employed and providing for my family, but I always kept in touch with my talent,” said Moscato, who was still a freelancer for many years during his tenure at the US Postal Service.

It’s not difficult to see the influence that Joseph’s father had on him and his work. Photography is usually the first step for Moscato when he is designing a new art piece.

Moscato’s work can be seen at different galleries around the city, including Focal Point Art Gallery, 321 City Island Avenue and his own organization, the Idea Factory, 122 E. 42nd Street in Manhattan. He has collaborated with art professionals in Harlem and the Bronx on various projects, while also making a name for himself on West Broadway in SOHO’s street art scene.

Joseph has waited for over 50 years to deeply pursue his dream of being an artist again. However, he is even more dedicated to helping youth at risk in the community through donations.

“I hope to develop more opportunities to help children at risk with my art venues,” Joseph said. “It’s a great feeling to pursue your dream career, your lifelong goal – your favorite hobby, but it feels even better to help out those in need.”

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