Letters to the Editor-Andrisani

(The fowllowing was sent to Congressman Joseph Crowley).

Dear Mr. Crowley,

Based on the expression on your face in the photo of you in the NY Post on Friday, March 5th and your comment (“When they want something done, they tend to get it done.”), it is apparent that your masters, Nancy Pelosi and president Obama have given you an order which you find distasteful, yet must carry out.No doubt it is to vote in favor of their trillion dollar health care bill.

As a constituent in your district, should you vote for the health care bill, as you did before, I will strenuously campaign to ensure your defeat in Novenber 2010.

Additionally your vote in favor of the “cap and trade” legislation indicates to me that you are nothing more than a puppet and Pelosi and Obama are the puppeteers.

Vincent Andrisani


Vincent Andrisani 1661 Bayshore Ave.,Bronx,N.Y., 10465 tel # 718-892-2948cel # 917-921-5202

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