Letters To The Editor

Wonderful hospital care

Dear editor,

I am so grateful and thankful that Westchester Square Hospital is still open. I just spent 16 days there and must say the care and devotion given to me and others was the best anyone could ask for. I arrived on Sunday, October 22. The ER was the greatest. Doctors, nurses took care of me immediately. The contacted my primary physician, and my pulmonary doctor. The care received from the nurses aides could not be equaled. Thank you is not enough.

Administration personnel, Alan Kopman, Maria and Theresa, were just too good to me. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. The staff at WSMC is the best. We must do all in our power to keep this community hospital open. We need it.

Rose Foley

Frustrated and angry over congressman’s reply

Dear editor,

My sympathy goes out to Steven Eskow regarding his disappointment with Congressman Crowley’s vote for the fake “Health Care” bill. I attended a town hall meeting in the spring in Parkchester where I asked the congressman if he and his family would participate in the bill that is being forced upon tax-paying, hard working citizens. He happily informed me that he was covered by his wife’s health plan. I was frustrated and angered by his nonchalant response to my deep concern. This country is in big trouble.

Carmela Albano

Task force findings may lead to healthcare cuts

Dear editor,

Recent findings released by the Preventive Services Task Force recommend that preventive testing for mammograms start at age 50 and self examinations can be eliminated. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius stated that the findings presented by the Preventive Services Task Force are not part of government policy and went on further to state that this task force is making recommendations, not coverage or payment decisions. However, according to a recent article on CNN.com, it said that the Health and Human Services website referred to the Preventive Services Task Force recommendations as the “gold standard” and insurance companies look to the panel for guidance on which preventive care practices should be covered. One can’t help but wonder if this is the start of an effort to “cut” costs with respect to health care reform.

Amy Spata

Air dome over field could end the nightmare

Dear editor,

Responding to Jerry Demers “nightmare,” we hear you Jerry.

How about we as a community help make your nightmare a dream, by dreaming bigger and better and build an “air dome” over softball, baseball and of course, football fields for 365 days a year use.

Dome(s) will protect fields from the weather, wrong usage, and those that don’t appreciate our park.

Most importantly, it will give our youth opportunities they normally would not have in the winter months and keep them out of harms way, such as, drug abuse, violence and yes the worst of all, constant video games and texting!

The uses in a dome are endless, other than mentioned previously, other uses could be, soccer, tennis, cheerleading, gymnastics, concerts, public events, golf range, field hockey lacrosse, etc.

If I missed anything please respond, the more the merrier, Hey, this is your park!

Thank you, Jerry for all you already have done and continue to do for our youth.

Bob Carmody

Pelham Bay Belles

Girls Softball Coach

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