Letter: What’s the meaning behind Ferry Point Park

NYC Ferry, ferry point park, de Blasio
Mayor Bill de Blasio at a Dec. 28 press conference launching the new NYC Ferry landing in Throggs Neck.
Photo Andrew Dapolite

To the Editor,

Upon his last few days as NYC mayor, Bill De Blasio spoke on the opening of the Bronx’s new and second NYC Ferry Station in Throggs Neck at Ferry Point Park. He reportedly said its location fulfills the meaning of the park name, noting the word “ferry.”

As a fellow Democrat and Bronx resident who grew up in Throggs Neck and maintains ties with the community, I must say that the name Ferry Point Park has been around for decades, long before any thought or any mention of a Bronx ferry service, even before its first and initially only stop Soundview. As far as I recall, the ferry stop, except for its location, bears no relation to the park’s name or meaning. Perhaps if he can explain or clarify on the matter, I for one would appreciate and welcome it.

Michael S. Wilbekin

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