Letter: Vernuccio column ‘a breath of fresh air’

Photo REUTERS/Tom Brenner

To the Editor,

Having a column in the Bronx Times like Frank Vernuccio’s is a breath of fresh air!

Being inundated by the hard left‘s policies, which in my opinion are destroying our cities and country, and the polarization of politics in the last few years, it seems to me, to be getting out of control.

I recently read a letter in the Bronx Times condemning Mr. Vernuccio’s column, but just like most of his column, it’s an opinion and should be taken as that. Everyone’s voice should be heard, whether right or left, and condemning one’s opinion is OK, yet asking for one to be shut down is not OK.

Also, let me point out that calling a duly elected president a dictator shows the mentality of the writer. The person that wrote that his column is hate filled, I beg to differ. He just points out facts that the left choose to ignore, mostly inconvenient truths.  Then, calling an administration a “reign of terror,” is totally inappropriate. But when calling the Biden administration incompetent, which seems to be an understatement, you get attacked.

I applaud Mr. Vernuccio’s column and opinions, and hope it’s expanded.

John Provetto 

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