Letter: Upzoning in Throggs Neck, what will it accomplish?

Photo Adrian Childress
To the Editor, 
Adding to the population in our small neighborhood equals overdevelopment and nothing good can come of it. Congestion on our roads, parking daytime or overnight is impossible. Schools are overcrowded, our Police Department is understaffed, and additional population brings more crime.
The present administration both city and state have shutdown the courts, canceled bail for every crime and have encouraged the criminals. When will it end? No neighborhood is safe anymore. How can anyone even think of adding high-rise buildings in any neighborhood? What will it accomplish?
We must correct conditions, not make them worse. We must keep our low density zoning to protect our community and preserve our quality of life. Say “no” to Throggs Neck Associates LLC., and “no” to upzoning. We will continue to hold rally’s and collect signatures. Please continue to attend rally’s until this problem ends. Remember we live here, the developers don’t, and we know what’s best for our community.
Andrew Chirico

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