Letter to Editor-Racism

Dear editor,

Joann Casado of Bronx Health Link cites the Diversity Gang slander of “ra-cism” as one of two reasons for the health problems of the Bronx. This igno-rant, cheap-shot charge is typical of the kind of people like her who are only ex-acerbating the extant problems.

Racism doesn’t make teenage girls have multiple children out-of-wedlock; racism doesn’t prevent people from get-ting college degrees; racism doesn’t make people mug and rob and sell drugs and take drugs. But it’s very easy and typical for Casado and her ilk to blame every social ill in the Bronx and everywhere else in America on that perennially fa-vorite villain of the Diversity Gang: “Racsim!”

This woman is a joke. And as long as the likes of her with her ugly, ignorant charges have influence on social policy for Bronxites, the joke will be on all of us.

Ken Reynolds


1052 Calhoun Ave.,BX,NY 10465-1911;718-892=6205

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