Letter: Support small businesses this holiday season

Open sign in a small business shop
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To the Editor,

Why not celebrate this year’s holiday season by shopping locally every day of the year. Small independent businesses are at the mercy of suppliers, who control the price they have to pay for merchandise. The employees go out of their way to help find what I need. Customer service is their motto. As an independent mom and pop store, they don’t have bulk buying purchasing power that Amazon or large national-chain stores have. This is why they sometimes charge a little more. It is worth the price to avoid the crowds and long lines at larger stores in exchange for the convenience and friendly service your neighborhood community store offers.

Our local entrepreneurs have continued the good fight to keep their existing staff and suppliers employed without layoffs and canceling supply orders.  They work long hours, pay taxes and keep people employed.

Customers patronize other commercial establishments on the block. Foot traffic is essential for the survival of any neighborhood commercial district.

The owners of independent mom and pop stores are the backbone of our neighborhood commercial districts. Show your support by making a purchase.

Larry Penner

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