Letter: Republicans and Democrats play by ‘different sets of rules’

FILE PHOTO: Trump supporters breach the US Capitol
Pro-Trump protesters storm the Capitol Building, January 6.
REUTERS/Ahmed Gaber/File Photo

To the Editor,

“(They) must be taken out.” We’ve heard this many times and know it to be a threat to the targeted opposition.

Republican Sarah Palin made this statement with her crosshairs target map aimed at Democratic lawmakers (I spoke about this in a prior writing). Republican Donald Trump also said this many times as part of his ongoing violent rhetoric toward his opposition and critics. And now, Republican Sen. Lindsy Graham made this statement aimed at Vladimir Putin — this is not support nor defense of Putin.

But less than one month prior to Graham’s comment came a news report of a Democrat, and staunch Trump critic, having been arrested for making the same statement and rhetoric on social media aimed at Trump. That critic now faces criminal charges of threatening and jeopardizing the safety and life of the highly controversial former president. So as that indicted Democrat awaits trial, three Republicans on record multiple times collectively engaging in the same rhetoric have not been held accountable; the first two resulting in catastrophic fatalities, the last putting this nation in potential jeopardy.

Does anyone else see something wrong with this, a clear case of two different sets of rules with unequal enforcement and unequal accountability?

Michael Wilbekin

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