Letter: Republican talking points are the ultimate hypocrisy

Ferry Point golf course concession approved for Trump

To the Editor,

In his latest rant the resident hard-right columnist is distressed by the fact that our country is not a theocracy, arguing that the separation of church and state required by our Constitution is actually a Progressive plot against Judeo-Christian values. The hypocrisy of the notion that God-fearing conservatives are protecting America from the insidious Progressive movement is astounding, given that every attempt to pass legislation designed to relieve the suffering of those less fortunate is sabotaged by these Bible-thumping pseudo-Christians.
The author also disingenuously claims that systemic racism does not exist since racism is no longer codified in law. This fantastic assertion is made repeatedly by the columnist, in deference to the big lie theory, which holds that the most colossal mistruth will be accepted if repeated with enough frequency.
Study after study has demonstrated that non-white individuals still suffer from racist economic and environmental policies. Recent news stories have highlighted how home appraisals differ depending on the race of the homeowner. Undesirable polluting facilities such as power plants, waste treatment plants and highways are located not in Country Club but in the South Bronx. Coincidence?
The intellectual dishonesty continues week after week, notwithstanding the alleged censorship of conservative voices claimed by the author.

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