Letter: Progressives are not the cause of the middle class plight

President Joe Biden
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To the Editor,

In his latest “contribution,” the extreme right-wing ideologue decries the stresses affecting the dwindling middle class. I agree wholeheartedly that these pressures must be alleviated. However, the columnist mistakenly identifies the cause of these stresses to be his favorite bogeyman —  the progressive agenda.
Demonstrating his anti-science bona fides, the author laments the discontinuance of the XL pipeline, claiming this environmentally disastrous boondoggle would have produced thousands of jobs. The source for his claim is unmentioned. However, the State Department, as reported by Politifact, has concluded that the pipeline would have been operated with less than 50 employees. Unlike the hard-right columnist, I make my sources available to the reader.
The next extravagant lie promoted by the author is the claim that the current administration is planning to impose a mileage tax on motorists.  The source for this tidbit, if one exists outside the author’s fevered brain, is undisclosed. However, the Associated Press has stated unequivocally, “… the Biden administration has not proposed such a mileage tax… .” Additionally, the mouthpiece would have us believe that progressive politicians are trying to “ram electric cars down consumers’ throats” and that these vehicles cost “between $10,000-$55,000 more than gas vehicles.” Where do these grossly inflated figures come from? It remains a mystery.
Next the columnist moves into even more fanciful territory, arguing that the Democratic Party is in the pocket of corporate America. Anyone paying attention to the Republican/Conservative performance since the time of Reagan knows that the opposite is accurate. The author, a true man of the people, expresses deep concern over the proposal to increase the inheritance tax, which affects only the ultra rich. Sure, he’s concerned about the middle class.
Pasqual Pelosi

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