Letter: The New York Health Act is needed

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To the Editor,

Roe vs. Wade has been overturned. This means that women across the country will need to rely on the states’ laws to receive this procedure. In New York state, this procedure would be covered financially by the New York Health Act (NYHA).

The New York Health Act will make health care a right in New York state. It will establish a universal, single-payer, public health program to finance comprehensive health coverage for everyone who works full time or lives in New York, regardless of immigration, employment, health or other status. You and your health care providers work to keep you healthy – New York Health pays the bill.

Polling shows that voters across race and party lines support systemic change to address shortcomings in the health care system. New York voters overwhelmingly think the government should make health care affordable and accessible.

Each year, one-third of patients with insurance go without prescribed medicines or fail to get the medical attention they need because of high deductibles and co-pays. The New York Health Act would dissolve financial barriers and allow everyone to get needed medical care.

The NYHA offers the freedom to choose health care providers without network restrictions. Only patients and their doctors – not insurance companies – would make health care decisions.

New Yorkers need the New York Health Act. Multiple studies have shown that passing the NYHA will reduce overall health care spending and that 90% of New Yorkers will pay less for care than we do now.

Please urge your state representatives to support the NYHA. Learn more about the New York Health Act at www.nyhcampaign.org

Jasmine Cordero

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