Letter: More ‘bogus claims’ from right-wing columnist

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Donald Trump speaks alongside then-Mayor Mike Bloomberg at the opening of the Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point in The Bronx, Oct. 16, 2013.
Spencer T Tucker/NYC Mayor’s Office

To the editor,

We separate paper, metal and glass from our regular garbage so that those items can be repurposed. Recycling garbage is a positive action; recycling spurious charges for political gain is a sorry exercise committed by those who have nothing positive to contribute to political discussion. This week, the right-wing columnist took recycling to a different level by attempting to paint Democratic politicians as corrupt. To do so, the ideologue recycled bogus charges that have been discredited years ago. For example, the columnist asserted that the IRS targeted conservative organizations in a dastardly attempt to disrupt their work. He forgot to mention the DOJ and FBI investigations which found no evidence of political or discriminatory motives by IRS personnel. A standard claim of conservatives is that they are somehow victims and the writer uses this fiction with gusto.
The writer also asserts that Russian collusion with the Trump campaign was “wholly fabricated,” discounting the mountain of evidence which supports this charge, such as the work of the Republican-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee, which issued a damning 966-page report supporting the allegation. The writer also denounces “actions by elected officials that threaten the stability of the Republic.” However, he did not condemn Trump’s Big Lie that the election was stolen from him or the Trump-incited Capitol insurrection, actions which truly menace our country. I suppose he just forgot.
Pasqual Pelosi

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