Letter: Lusk’s comments are dangerous to civil discourse

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To the Editor,
I read with interest the letter you chose to highlight from Sandi Lusk in the Bronx Times. As someone who has known Frank Vernuccio for more than 20 years, please allow me to respond.
While Frank is, and has always been, a conservative voice, he is not, and never has been, a “political hatchet job.” He consistently writes from a factual basis, citing to statistics and reasoned analysis to support his views. You, and others may not agree with what he says — but I thank you for not denying him the right to freely express his views.
Ms. Lusk is entitled to her view. But the danger in her complaint is the willingness she expresses to silence someone with whom she does not agree. If we only expose ourselves to opinions with which we agree, we will soon find ourselves without the civil discourse the founders of our nation intended for our nation.
Hon. John H. Wilson,
Retired judge of Civil Court, Bronx County

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