Letter: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, GOP pundits trying to steer the subject away from Jan. 6

United States Capitol Building From the Senate
The United States Capitol Building as viewed from the Senate side.
Photo courtesy Getty Images

To the Editor,

GOP leader Kevin McCarthy says instead of discussing Jan. 6, we should be discussing inflation, gas prices and making streets safer. Democrats try to have such dialogue, only to find the very same GOP, including McCarthy, not only shut down any and all such dialogue, but also block any and all such legislation.

Furthermore, as stated in previous news reports, McCarthy and other major GOP individuals (Congressmembers and pundits) are seen and heard having more direct involvement with the terrorizing occurrences of that day and are hence more than likely implicated in these upcoming hearings, which he and his fellow GOP members prefer to keep out of public attention and public knowledge, aka continual right wing coverups.

So, a message to Mr. McCarthy: Just cut the nonsense already.


Michael Wilbekin

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