Letter: Fired NYC employees should be reinstated now that vaccine mandates are over

Mayor Eric Adams travels to Albany to meet with lawmakers on Monday, February 14.
Photo courtesy Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office

To the Editor,

This week the Waterbury LaSalle community and its homeowners sent the following open letter to all the members of the New York City Council in an effort to urge them to tell the mayor to rehire all city employees who have lost their jobs due to the vaccine mandates imposed by the former mayor.

To All City Council members,

Now that some of the mandates have been removed in NYC, it’s time to remove all the vaccine mandates and allow all the city employees to return to work; teachers, cops, firefighters and nurses. These people are professionals, these illegal mandates have caused them financial harm. These people have families and mortgages, and daily bills. It is unjust to deny them their employment over these mandates. You must know by now the vaccine does not cure and it does not prevent the spread of the virus. It does nothing good, it does cause many side effects. There are 1,291 different adverse events associated with the vaccine. These people have suffered enough. I urge you to stop everything and tell the mayor to let these people go back to work now, with no strings attached.

Andrew Chirico


Editor’s note: This post was updated on March 8.

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