Letter: Don’t forget about the letter writers

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To the Editor,

Please add congratulations to my fellow 2021 Letters to the Editor writers to the “2021 Year In Review.” Surveys reveal that “letters” are one of the most widely read and popular sections of any newspaper.

Most newspapers will print letters submitted by any writer regardless of where they live so long as the topic is relevant to readers. It helps to have a snappy introduction, good hook, be timely, precise and have an interesting or different viewpoint to increase your odds of being published. Many papers welcome letters commenting on their own editorials, articles or previously published letters to the editor.

I continue to be grateful that you afford both me and my fellow letter writers the opportunity to express our views, as well as differing opinions on issues of the day.

Please join me along with your neighbors in continuing reading the Bronx Times and Bronx Times Reporter. Patronize their advertisers; they provide the revenues necessary to keep them in business. This helps pay to provide space for your favorite or not so favorite letter writers.

Larry Penner

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