Letter: Columnist living in ‘Bizarro World’

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Columnist’s take on progressives as authoritarians was reminiscent of the Superman comics, says one Letter to the Editor.
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To the Editor,

When I was a youngster I enjoyed reading Superman comic books. Sometimes the story line would revolve around an alternate universe called Bizarro World. This alternate reality came to mind while reading the latest column of the far right contributor, where he alleges that progressives are actually authoritarian in nature. As “proof” he trots out the same lame conservative talking points such as the censorship of conservative voices and the dissemination of leftist propaganda in education. No evidence is offered to sustain these ludicrous claims, not even a quote from some obscure journal or think tank.

With the demise of the fairness doctrine, right wing radio, television and print outlets have flourished, unrestrained. Add to this the numerous podcasts and blogs featured on the internet, and it is obvious that the censorship claim is bogus. Educators encourage their students to develop critical thinking skills. If an idea, whether conservative or progressive, does not stand up to scrutiny it should be rejected. Propaganda? How so?

The author continues to mislead by portraying isolated, rare instances of violence or disorder during protests as the norm, in an effort to stigmatize those who do not agree with his stunted worldview. Even more egregious is the claim that the Durham investigation “irrefutably verified” that the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia. As noted last week, the Durham investigation wasted nearly $4 million in taxpayer money and over the course of two-plus years found nothing that would remotely support the columnist’s claim. In the real world, Michael Horowitz, an independent Department of Justice inspector general, found that the FBI had a legitimate basis to open the probe of Trump-Russia collusion.

The extremist continues, “The entire concept of a nation governed by laws is under attack.” All too true. Our election laws require that there be a peaceful transfer of power to the candidate who garners more votes, regardless of his or her party affiliation. Sadly, the insurrectionists of Jan. 6, 2021, did not feel compelled to obey that law, but placed themselves above the law and sought to overturn the will of the majority of voters. The ideologue accuses leftists of “an utter disregard for the truth” and in a glaring example of projecting, references the Nazi propaganda chief’s statements regarding the Big Lie. Can the writer not see the irony when Trump has used this exact tactic to brainwash his gullible followers?

In case you missed it Frank, Trump’s Big Lie is what caused the insurrection.

Pasqual Pelosi

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