Letter: Author fixated on fraud

Form 1040 With Tax Check and Money
Tax Refund Check On top of Form 1040 and One Hundred Dollar Bill.
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To the Editor,

Re: Larry Penner’s opinion piece in the Dec. 10 editor of this newspaper, concerning the city Department of Housing Preservation and Development and the Department of Finance taking out full page ads, warning those with obligations on their buildings they face possible liens.

How exactly are these two city departments committing fraud? Does the author have personal knowledge that there is absolutely no homeowner owning a building in New York City with delinquent obligations?

As far as these ads being wasteful and/or abusive, does the author have personal knowledge of this? I can’t say it is or is not wasteful, but if an ad costs, for the sake of argument, $10,000 and brings in $30,000 of delinquent revenue, wouldn’t that be cost effective?

The author is in favor of levying state and local tax refunds of delinquent obligators. Why is the author assuming everyone owing money on his property will receive a refund? Also, what about those homeowners with residences in Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania or even further?

Does the author not understand the fact that the position of public advocate by its definition has no authority to force any city agency to do anything?

Finally, why is the author so concerned about alleged abuse, waste and fraud occurring in New York City? Does he pay local city income taxes? He lives in Nassau County.

Nat Weiner

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