Letter: Author’s claim Mayor Adams is ‘unfit to serve’ is light on facts

New York Mayor Eric Adams, left, introduces Kathleen Corradi, center, as the city’s first-ever citywide director of rodent mitigation, also known as the “rat czar,” in New York, Wednesday, April 12, 2023.
AP Photo/Bobby Caina Calvan
To the Editor,

Re: “Mayor Eric Adams is unfit to serve.” The author does not describe how “suspicion and prejudice” have come to his block, or what this has to do with Mayor Adams. Since I grew up on Holland Avenue off of Arnow Avenue, let me recount a story. I was once told Jews have Chanukah because they’re too cheap to have Christmas. This was in 1977. Adams originated this racism directed at me how?

Mr. Inniss discusses a proposed or already built housing project. He provides no details where. He mentions protests. No details there, either. The author fails to tell us exactly how this was brought about by Adams, but could it be protesters are concerned about the strain on the infrastructure of the neighborhood?

Mr. Inniss mentions Mayor Adams discussing the number of migrants in the city, how much their numbers have increased, and that they’re coming our neighborhoods. Mr. Inniss calls it “violent rhetoric.” Giving statistics is violent rhetoric, how exactly?

Mr. Inniss mentions the death of Jordan Neely. Witness accounts, some admittedly contradictory, say that Mr. Neely was engaging in disturbing and threatening behavior. Since Mr. Inniss apparently personally witnessed it maybe he could shed some light on this? Or how “a presumption of innocence” does not apply to Mr. Neely?

Mr. Inniss mentions Adams spending time with “gun-toting council members.” No detail. I assume he is referring to Brooklyn Councilwoman Inna Vernikov, who is legally allowed to carry a firearm. Has Ms. Vernikov brandished her weapon in public or wildly fired into a crowd? Spending time with a member of his legislative body makes Adams unfit to be mayor how?

Mr. Inniss mentions Mayor Adams being investigated by the FBI. Maybe Mr. Inniss can tell us how the principle of “a presumption of innocence” does not apply to Mayor Adams?

As a member of the Bronx Conservative Party County Committee, I take vigorous exception to Mr. Inniss lumping all right wingers together. My party’s executive board refused to endorse for office someone associated with the Proud Boys. My party does not approve of an attempt to interrupt the smooth transition of power through violence, intimidation or bullying. Gene DeFrancis is entitled to be a fan; he is not entitled to engage in illegal activity. Mr. DeFrancis is entitled to run for office. Gene DiFrancis running for office is the fault of Adams how? It seems to me the decision to vote for him is with the people of his district and not Mr. Inniss.

And if Mr. Inniss is referring to Kristy Marmorato’s victory, isn’t that how it works in a democracy? The majority rules?

Nat Weiner

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