Lehman Educational Campus implements new programs and changes

Lehman Educational Campus implements new programs and changes
Photo by Silvio Pacifico

After experiencing turbulent times recently, the Lehman Educational Campus appears to be undergoing a renaissance of sorts.

According to a NYC Department of Education spokeswoman, NYC Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina and Councilman James Vacca attended a Monday, March 7 showcase at Lehman highlighting programs and changes implemented at the local educational institution.

She added, the chancellor met with Lehman’s six principals and was personally involved in executing the action plan which was established based upon community feedback and is committed toward continuing to aid the campus school to expand the supportive and inclusive environment it has created.

During the visit, Farina and Vacca witnessed significant differences these changes have made in improving the school’s overall culture including enhancing systems and supports to ensure a safe and supportive learning atmosphere.

Some of the initiatives include providing restorative justice training for school administration and safety agents; launching a branding and beautification initiative promoting school identity which includes installing new banners representing each school; fabricating a welcome lounge for parents visiting the campus; hiring Marvin Elliott as the new assistant principal of security to oversee campus safety, discipline and school climate; a thorough review of the suspicion and discipline data for all schools on campus to ensure there were no irregularities; hosting gang intervention trainings for parents in the community and fostering consistent communication channels including a campus-wide newsletter to promote the school’s culture and serve as a platform for students to share the great work they are doing.

Vacca confirmed he has visited the campus twice in the past several weeks and noticed a significant improvement in their security.

“I’m hoping with the chancellor’s intervention and with all six principals working together it will help bring about a better outcome for this campus,” he said.

As previously reported by the Bronx Times, Lehman Educational Campus experienced a week-long spree of false fire alarms spanning Monday, November 30 to Thursday, December 3 that lead to street brawls on Westchester Square.

The 3000 E. Tremont Avenue educational campus served as the venue for Friday, April 8’s ‘My School Has Rhythm Not Violence’ competition hosted the NYPD School Safety Division’s Community Outreach Unit.

Promoted by Radio 103.9 New York, the finale included participants from John F. Kennedy, Evander Childs, Alfred E. Smith and Stevenson high school campuses performing live music.

The program which launched in April 2015 at Brooklyn’s Boys and Girls High School is designed for high school students and is meant to educate and empower them with techniques and skills on how they can embody an active role to reduce verbal and physical confrontations occurring at their schools and communities.

MSHRNV’s curriculum emphasizes using various drama-based techniques, classroom lectures and presentations while incorporating music with the assistance of popular radio stations to ensure its message of tolerance is heard.